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What is Power to Impeach?

We are a Political Action Committee (PAC) founded by Matthew Thornton, a veteran political strategist who served in senior positions with multiple nationwide progressive organizations and campaigns, including the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Matt founded Power to Impeach in response to the election of Donald Trump, with the aim of helping regain control of Congress from the GOP, in hopes of making impeachment of Trump a genuine possibility.

Power to Impeach is a national, Federally-registered Super PAC (FEC #C00638163), organized in 2017.

What is the mission of the PAC?

This one is easy. Our sole mission is to end the Trump Presidency as quickly as possible. Whether through impeachment, resignation or invocation of the 25th Amendment, America will be better off the day Donald Trump is no longer President.

Not only will we hold him accountable for his actions, but we will hold to account those who enable his agenda.

How are you fighting against Donald Trump?

There are only two realistic ways to end the Trump presidency early: Impeachment and resignation under threat of impeachment. Our initiatives are very narrowly aimed at making those outcomes more likely. We focus our expenditures on those areas of highest leverage, so the dollars you donate will have maximum impact in terms of increasing the likelihood of impeachment or resignation. Online ads, traditional media buys, billboards and donations to key political races are all examples of the sorts of expenditures we look at while seeking maximum value in how we use your donations.

Is Impeachment really a possibility?

Yes and no. So long as Republicans in Congress continue to abdicate their duty to protect the country against a corrupt executive, the answer is no. However we believe we can change the status quo in two key ways that will make all the difference. First and most straightforward is flipping House & Senate to Democrat control. Second is ensuring that Republicans who blindly back Trump can no longer do so without facing political consequences. In addition to campaigning against Trump's most unrepentant backers in Congress, we aim to educate "soft" Trump voters about the ways he is punishing the middle class and coddling one of America's greatest adversaries in Russia. As public opinion turns against Trump, it will become too politically costly for anyone in Congress to stand between this President and Justice.

Won't President Pence be just as bad?

Let's be clear: We fiercely oppose and are fighting against both men. We also believe that VP Pence is guilty of real offenses that disqualify him from office. As we fight against the Trump agenda and support the Mueller investigation, we are absolutely committed to making sure our initiatives target Pence in equal measure. He is complicit in Trump's and Flynn's misdeeds and in Trump's ongoing corruption. We will do everything in our power to fight against elevating Pence to the presidency, and we will continue our mission to end any Pence presidency early should he ever become POTUS.

"Democracy can buckle when we give in to fear...we must guard against a weakening of the values that make us who we are."

Barack H. Obama
January 10, 2017

P.O. Box 15537
Washington, DC 20003

FEC Registration #C00638163

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